Friday, October 13, 2017

The Modes - Legacy Collection 1980-86

My apologies for another unconscionably long music drought.  Will try to get to some re-ups later this weekend, and potentially a review or two.  For now I can offer you this.  The Modes were DIY pop-meisters from Boston who straddled that utterly fine line between new wave and power pop, in warm, often slightly cheeky fashion.  By the mid-80s they secured a major label contract...which ultimately fell through.  A breakup ensued, but not before The Modes cut a dozen or so tracks as demos which were resuscitated from aging master tapes for this collection.  There's a couple of clunkers amidst otherwise promising material in this enticing fifteen song set.  Original copies of may still be available here

01-I Just Wanna Hear From You
02-What to Do What to Feel
03-Together Forever
04-Bad Risk
05-I Only Want to be Wanted
06-Little Rockets
07-Fight Me Off
08-Live Like You're Gonna Die Tomorrow
10-How Can We Say Goodbye
11-Please Make Me Wanna Care
12-How'd We Ever Get so Girl Crazy?
13-You're in Trouble
14-Try My Best
15-A New Marionette

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