Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Sorry for not inserting more new uploads into the slipstream.  The good news?  My turntable is operational again.  And if the promise of that won't tide you over, maybe these will.

The Killjoys - Starry, Gimmie Five, Melos Modos, One Night and a Morning After
Tommy Keene - demos
Posies - Broadcasts, Vol. 6
Juliana Hatfield & Evan Dando - Mercury Lounge, NYC 9-30-10
Dumptruck - D is for Demos
Dimestore Darlings - What is My... tape & Senior Ball tape
Guitars & Drums - Believe it or Not ep
Wild Giraffes - Right Now
Moped - It Won't Sound Any Better Tomorrow
Square Root of Now - Bent Around Corners
Texas Instruments - Crammed into Infinity
Not Shakespeare - s/t ep
Vigil - s/t LP
Visitors - No Sign of Intelligent Life
Grand Champeen - Out Front by the Van
Get Up Kids - On a Wire demos
Thumbs - s/t
Radio Bandits - s/t ep
Cartoons - Toys of Destruction ep
Chainsaw Kittens - Mother 7" & High in High School ep
Out of the Fire - Into the Frying Pan
Jo Broadbery & The Standouts - The House of Love
Kinetics - Snake Dance
Miracle Legion - Simple Thing tape - MP3 or FLAC
Bitter Sons - Ghost of John 7"
Space Needle - Panic Delaney 7"
Piper Cub - Chance 7"
The Wildebeests - Punk 7" ep 
Rattail Grenadier - s/t LP
Verbow - Chronicles  
Gem - I Am a Tree ep
Ridel High - Recycle Bin & Mouthful of You 7"


Clarence E. Jones III said...

Glad your turntable decided to turn turn turn again!

Charleston Gazer said...

Thanks for your continued awesomeness. I have been trying to track down a band called Astrojet (which features Jody Porter from The Belltower/Fountains of Wayne). That and Johnny Quests tape EP "The Heisman". Any chance you could help me out?

spavid said...

Sorry Charleston, I'm afraid I'm not in possession of either.

spavid said...

Update: There was an issue with the Grand Champeen link. It's been fixed.

Mark Breitinger said...

Any chance of more re-ups for Jo Broadbery / Local Operator? Never heard of them but love parts of the second album. BTW, thanks for being awesome

robgronotte said...

Some of these were my requests, thanks! But Volume 5 of Posies Broadcasts is still dead, could use that one to complete my collection.