Sunday, January 15, 2017

Re-ups for January '17.

I was tardy in getting to a lot of your requests, so my apologies.  In addition, I haven't been doing my best in sharing new titles thus far in 2017, but hopefully that will turn around soon.  Thanks for your patience!

Didjits - Backstage Passout
The Ocean Blue - demos
Days Of... s/t LP
Super Friendz - Slide Show
Liquor Giants - Here
FacecrimeSex and Revolution ep
The Pursuit of Happiness - San Jose 5/27/89
Viva Caramel - s/t LP
Trunk - La-ugh
The Furlongs - 2300 Ward
Buzz of Delight - Soundcastles ep
Mod Lang - Where Your Heart ep
The Dazzlers - Feeling Free
Heartbeats - Pulsator
The Spliffs - House of Seven MP3 or FLAC
Pedaljets - demo tape
D.D. Ranged - s/t ep
Revelons - Anthology
Rotator Cuff - s/t ep
V/A - The Living Room: A Compilation
V/A - Teen Line Vol. 2
Situation at 1200 - De-luxe ep
Sleepasaurus - It's All Written Down
Pollyanna - Delta City Skies
Hardship Post - Hack ep & 7"
Six Going on Seven - Method Actor 7"


SuperBillie1 said...

Ola Spavid,
thanks for the Spliffs in Flac
Kind regards

Profesor Ignorante said... hello. many thanks for doing this blog, the music you share is amazing (I stumbled on it because of a Lemonheads show). Sorry to bother, but could it be possible for you to reseed the J Church shows you shared in Dimeadozen or elsewhere (I love J Church but I haven´t been able to find a show of them except for the "Live at WFMU" bootleg). Thanks :)

Stathis said...

can you please repost The Revelers "This Little Light of Mine" 7" (1995, Inbred)?
Thank you very much

spavid said...

I don't have anything to do with the Teenage Dogs blog, nor do I have any live J Church to share. Sorry.

Will try to get to the Revelers single soon.

fjinks said...

Spavid, thank you so much for the re up!! You're a true gent. Cheers!

lolo carolo said...

Thank you very much for the re-up of Heartbeats'.

kind regards and keep on rockin'!

Profesor Ignorante said...

My sincerest apologies... I was seeing 2 blogs and the same time, got confused and wrote that message in the wrong one. I´m very sorry for this blunder, but still I want to thank you for uploading this awesome show (it is now my favourite Lemonheads bootleg):

Chupa Selam said...

Thanks for the reupload of Situation at 1200 - De-luxe ep and Sleepasaurus - It's All Written Down. Cheers!

dr.bigsound said...

Hi Spavid, please could reupload the two Pete Donnelly post "Face The Bird" and "Another Day On You"?.

johnnybgoode said...

Spavid, thanks for the re-ups! It appears you posted the Heardship Post 7" twice, and not the EP. Can you post the EP. thanks immensely!