Sunday, April 3, 2016

Fresh re-ups.

Stone Roses - Ultimate rarities 
The Sundays - Reading, Writing and Arithmetic alternate versions
Reivers - End of the Day demos & Saturday demos
Vertigo - Rub 7" ep
Einstein's Rice Boys - Civil Rice
Oysters - Green Eggs and Ham
Starry Eyes - s/t ep
Purple Ivy Shadows - White Electric
Kustomized - 7"
aMINIATURE - Plexiwatt
Close Lobsters - demos
Feelies (as Foggy Notion) - play the Velvet Underground 5/14/83
Ridel High - Recycle Bin & "Mouthful of You" 7"
White Sisters - tape
Kid With Man Head - 7" and demo 
Miracle Legion - Out to Play ep
Glass Eye - Marlo ep & Huge
Spooner - Mean Old World 7"
Dentists - Heads and How to Read Them & Naked ep
Spiral Jetty - Tour of Homes & Art's Sand Bar
Gladhands - All is Well...  
Red House - There is a Window
Bardots - Eye Baby
Silos - About Her Steps
Let's Active - 1988 flexi disk
V/A - Squares Blot Out the Sun
V/A - Listen and Learn With Vibro-phonic
Wondermints - Proto Pretty 7"
The Proof - It's Safe
Lonesome Strangers - Lonesome Pine
Fuzzy - s/t LP and Flashlight 7"
Dolce Vita - s/t ep
Creeper Lagoon - rarities & live in Boise 1998
Hangmen - Used ep
Lifeboys - The Living Class ep
A Picture Made - Past ep & 7" 
Ff - Lady Shoe
B-Time - Taking Trains ep


jonder said...
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klaw said...

I was unaware of this blog when you posted the Jolt singles collection. Please include that in a fresh re-up post, I beg you. Keep up the important work.

jonder said...

Thank you for answering my re-up request for the Kustomized single. I found a copy of it in a record store this past weekend! It's like buying the vinyl and getting a free download code, but in reverse.

Mykal Skall said...

Trying to get to the Glass Eye uploads, but Zippyshare just keeps loading me up with spyware! Please share elsewhere?