Saturday, November 28, 2015

Re-ups for November.

Here's the brunt of it, but tune in tomorrow for some more additions.  Thanks for your requests.

Simples Machines Records Tool cassette series - Geek, The Hated, Late!, Mommyheads, My New Boyfriend, Saturnine, Slack
Winter Hours - Leaving Time
Silent Partner - 7" ep
Dave Parasite - Back to Demo ep
Punch Wagon (Superdrag) - demo
seade - perf ep
Blind Dates - Radio 7"
Kashmir - Outside 7"
Big Clock - s/t ep
Animation - Loud Day ep
Eleventh Dream Day - s/t ep & Borscht promo 12"
Silent Partner - 7" ep
The Wrench - Worry When We Get There & Cop Krueller ep
One Plus Two - Once in a Blue Moon
Punchbuggy - Grand Opening Going Out of Business Sale
Bloody Chicletts - Presenting...
Scared of Chaka/Flake Music - split 7"
Latter Day Saints - Plaster City 7"
Retriever - Three Second Stereo ep
Dreams So Real - 11/11/88, Charlotte
Tsar - King of School EP + radio session
Poole - Superamerica & Loon eps
Pure Joy - Unsung, Getz the Worm, s/t ep, Sore Throte ep
Not Rebecca - Twin City Obituary, Rocketship to Canada, Bowler & Who You Really Are, Thick Recs 7"
Pollyanna - Hello Halo, Delta City Skies, Didn't Feel a Thing
Cost of Living - Comic Book Page, Day of Some Lord 
Fancipantz - 7"
Parade - Love and War, Circle of Deception
Rollerskate Skinny - Trophy & Novice eps
White Flag - Thru the Trash Darkly
Joybus - 7" ep
Jolt - Proof of Total Collapse tape 
Harvest Theory - From the Back 7"
V/A - Give Me the Cure
Squirrel Bait - demo
Citrus Groove - Sunswayed ep


Pernt said...

Thank you very much for the Punchwagon! I am a died-in-the-wool Superdrag fan... this is one of the last things I didn't have. It's a Christmas miracle!

Hope your holidays are filled with friends and family and fun... and tunes!


PoodleHead2005 said...

Thank you for the re-ups! :)

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Grant Walker said...

For your next batch of re-posts, would it be possible please to add in The Balancing Act - New Campfire Songs EP. You originally posted this back in 2012...

Many thanks