Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Newest re-ups.

For those of you who missed them the first time around...  I haven't had as much time lately to rip vinyl/cassettes (though I'm sitting on no shortage of both), so I hope this compensates.

Pavement - Stack 'o Slack (rarities & live)
Mission of Burma - Electro-acoustic sessions
Classic Ruins - Ruins Cafe
Edge Park - Personal Fable
Garden Variety/Jejune - split 7"
Blown - Forever
Fans - Mystery Date
Caretaker Race - Hangover Square
Junk Monkeys - Bliss
Twitch Hazel/Technical Jed 2x7"
Various - Peppermint Stick Parade
Laurels - Neck
Spiffy - singles
Summer Suns - Greatest
Bring Home the Lobsters - tape
Bridge Climbers - Full Bag Don't Bend
Remedy Session - s/t LP
Catherine Wheel - four early eps
Anastasia Screamed - Electric Liz ep + 7"
The Figgs - Rejects
Baby Tooth - 7"
Three 1/2 Minutes - Peep and Bled Me Dry eps
Swirlies/Pitchblende - split 7"
Swirlies - 1991 demo & Error 7"


stewrat said...

Thanks for all the great posts (and re-ups)!

mirapa said...

As Stewrat says above, really appreciate these re-ups! Any chance you can re-up these from 2009 next time round? Diamonds and Porcupines comp, Polvo/New Radiant Storm King split and Band of Susans Blessing and Curse?

spavid said...

Will try to get to these soon mirapa. thanks for the requests.

Earthdog70 said...

Thanks for the Catherine Wheel EP's. Do you have the Action Design EP by The Weirdos?